About Us

Planning and Development of Industries, Industrial estates, industrial parks and Special Economic Zones, industrial Control, Co-ordination and facilitation for the promotion of local and foreign investment. Establishment of Joint Border Markets with neighboring states, emphases on industrial establishment of industrial clusters and Special Economic Zones for Pak-China Economic Corridor etc. Moreover, Small Industries Wing of the Directorate General of Industries and Commerce Balochistan is providing trainings in various trades of handicraft, tailoring & knitting, sewing, carpet weaving, mizri, portray etc. through its training centers to the people of province in order to enable them to earn their livelihood.

Industries & Commerce Department’s strategy is to improve and ensure ease of doing business by providing an infrastructure facility of international standards in the Province. Numerous projects aimed at up-skilling youth, ease of doing business and encouraging growth of manufacturing by strategically locating industries in industrial estate and special economic zones have been initiated. The department’s mandate is not only to create an enabling environment for sustainable industrialization, but also to promote complementing activities like commerce, trade, Commercial Markets, Joint Border Markets and vocational trainings. We are also trying to take all necessary measures to prepare for the tremendous opportunities that are likely to arise due to CPEC which would go a long way in turning around the destinies of the people of Balochistan.


To achieve effective, sustainable, and inclusive Industrial Development.


To play the role of facilitator in Industrial Development and entrepreneurship through policy intervention. Setting up Industrial Zones for socioeconomic development of Balochistan.


Organizational Structure

he Secretariat is headed by a Secretary with a team for development and non-development functions.

The Directorate of Industries is responsible for

  • registering firms under partnership Act 1932,
  • Registration of societies under registration of societies act 1960,
  • assisting with land acquisition,
  • inspecting boilers under enforcement of the boilers Act 1923 & boilers pressure vessels Ordinance 2002,
  • assisting the Administration section in monitoring prices,
  • Compiling a directory of industrial units and undertaking surveys of industrial
  • Audit of Societies and firms,
  • Registration of Industrial Units,
  • Execution of the Projects through Engineering Wing.
  • Planning & Development
  • Co-ordination for the promotion of local & foreign Investment in industrial Sector
  • Establishment and rehabilitation of opportunity Zones.

The Small Industries Wing is responsible for

  • Establishment of Technical Training centers,
  • Industrial Exhibitions,


There are also two Authorities that are linked to the Department of Industries & Commerce. Both the Authorities are being head by the Managing director.

The Lasbella Industrial Estates Development Authority (LIEDA) is currently developing and managing industrial estates across the District Lasbella.

The Gawadar Industrial Estates Development Authority (GIEDA) is currently developing and managing industrial estates across the District Lasbella.