• Planning and Development of Large-scale Industries, SMEs and cottage industries
  • Coordination, facilitation and providing one stop solution to promote, attract and facilitate local and foreign investment. Create business enabling and investment friendly environment and suggest reforms to ensure Ease of Doing Business
  • Establishment and Rehabilitation of Industrial Estates, Special Economic Zones, industrial parks, marble cities etc.
  • Control on prices
  • Planning & Development of Commercial Border Markets and Joint Border Markets and all such initiatives and interventions that facilitate cross border trade and business
  • Take appropriate and necessary measure for promotion and development of cultural handicrafts and other skills.


Services for General Public

  • One Window Facilitation center for Investment at BBOIT
  • Online Business Registration Portal for registration of Partnership Deeds under Partnership Act, 1932.
  • Planning, development and establishment of industrial estates, industrial zones, special economic zones to promote industrialisation and to attract investment in the province along with creation of job opportunities.
  • Activities and interventions that promote entrepreneurship, attract investment, and facilitate industrialisation.
  • Established training centres and provide modern vocational training in various trades
  • Planning & Development of Commercial Border Markets
  • Establishment of Joint Border Markets at Mand (District Kech), Gabd (District Gwadar) and Chedgi (District Punjgoor).

Functions of Department

  • Planning and Development of Industries, including cottage Industries.
  • Industrial Control on establishment & enlargement.
  • Survey of Industries.
  • Coordination for the Promotion of local and foreign investment.
  • Establishment Special Economic Zones
  • Control on prices of essential commodities .
  • Industrial Exhibitions.
  • Trade and Commerce with in the Province
  • Industrial Research.
  • Enforcement of Boilers Act 1923 and Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act, 2015.
  • Registration of Firms under Partnership Act, 1932
  • coordination with Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Industry.
  • Establishment of Commercial and Joint Border Markets